Our Journey To Become An Eco-Friendly Clinic

By Zoe Greenwood on June 13, 2021

It has been wonderful to see so many new laws and eco-friendly initiatives being presented to the government in recent times. We have always made a real conscious effort at The Beauty Lounge to be as mindful as possible about our Carbon Footprint and every day we get closer and closer to achieving our goal of being an eco-friendly Salon. We wanted to share with you just some of the ways we do this and always welcome any tips you might have for us for striving to achieve our goal.

Our eco initiatives start in the day-to-day running of the Salon. In order to provide our clients with the softest, fluffiest towels, we use an Eco-Friendly washing machine along with environmentally friendly washing powders and softeners. We use LED lights and where possible, keep printing and paper use to a minimum. We are slowly making the switch to having consultations online only too which will massively reduce the paper we use and will keep data more secure. Instead of disposable magazines, we have provided gorgeous, informative books for our clients to flick through whilst relaxing in our waiting room. We try where at all possible to not use plastic, but if we have to then of course all plastic, paper and glass waste is recycled.

As most of you know already, we have spent a long time researching the best products in the market to provide you with the most high-end treatments, and the impact these products have on the environment has also been a key factor in our decision making of whether to take them on board.

You may have seen on our Social Media channels but last year the Advanced Nutrition Programme re designed and launched their new packaging which is now 100% recyclable and looks fantastic. David Alpert, Managing Director at the Advanced Nutrition Programme said: "We committed to providing the highest quality from the very first introduction of the Advanced Nutrition Programme over a decade ago. We saw a clear gap in the marketplace for beauty supplements that would make a scientifically proven difference to the quality of people’s skin and well-being plus, environmental responsibility. The new brand identity and creative delivery is a statement of our history, scientific journey and values over the past decade. It provides Skin Professionals with a product that appeals to the consumer on the shelf and contributes to the well-being of the environment as well as the consumer" We think you will agree the new packaging looks amazing?!

We are trying to have as many 100% Vegan products in the Salon as possible. The Gel Bottle gel polish, Zoya nail polish, and Jax Wax are all 100% Vegan and nothing in the Salon is tested on animals. Our Jane Iredale make-up range is Leaping Bunny Certified as 100% Cruelty Free as well.

We are also thrilled to announce that we are now part of the Salcombe Be Plastic Clever initiative! You can find our more about this wonderful cause here:

If you have any other ideas or tips to help us achieve our goal we would love to hear them! Just email [email protected]

Article written by Zoe Greenwood

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