Makeup Consultation

Best make up for your skin
100% natural makeup
Recommended by dermatologists.

Here at Alchemy we believe that skincare doesn't stop at skincare, the make-up you use every day should reflect the time, effort and money you invest in topical skincare and in-clinic treatments; in short, it should be an extension of your skincare routine.

We choose to use Jane Iredale 100% mineral make and believe it is one of the best makeups on the market, so much so that is recommended by plastic surgeons and dermatologists.

This is not a make-up lesson to enable you to create a specific look, it is aimed at those of you looking to take the next step in your skin routine and either replace your existing makeup staples with a skin-friendly alternative or for those of you just starting on your skincare journey wishing to address concealing skin concerns.

Prices For Makeup Consultation treatments

Make Up Consultation

60 mins


Redeemable against a purchase of 2 or more products on the day

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