Radio Frequency

Tighter, firmer skin
Visably reduced lines
Clearer skin

Radio Frequency is considered the gold-standard in anti-ageing. It uses an electrical current to heat tissue the dermis up to 38-40 degrees, this stimulates the formulation of collagen and elastin to achieve taught, plump skin. The result is the lasting reduction and softening of fine lines and loose skin – It is a truly relaxing treatment, without any downtime that still delivers real results.
Thanks to its skin tightening effect, it’s great for targeting loose skin at the neck and chin, wrinkles and lines. A great treatment to tighten up tired and sagging skin, loose jowls and those bags under the eyes

Results are visible quite quickly with this approach to sculpting. A course of eight weekly treatments is required for long-lasting results and monthly maintenance thereafter. 

This treatment can be included in our Signature facials

Downtime? Minimal, some slight pinkness/erythema.

This may be unsuitable if you are/have:

  • Photosensitive
  • Epileptic
  • Pregnant 
  • Thyroid issues.
  • ClaustrOphobic 
  • Have a pacemaker 
  • Using medication, which causes light sensitivity.
  • Using medication known to cause skin sensitivity such as Roaccutane.
  • Have been diagnosed with cancer in the past 12 months. A Dr's note will be required.

Please mention at the time of booking if you have any health concerns that might affect your treatment.

    Prices For Radio Frequency treatments

    Radio frequency Facial

    Single Treatment


    Course of 10


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