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Expert Skincare And Waxing By Highly Skilled Skin Specialist Zoe Greenwood

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Using innovative technology, Zoe has been delivering high-quality skincare in South Hams for over a decade with visible results for clients. Alchemy can help bring out your natural radiance and ensure healthy skin. Choose the service that best suits your needs.

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zoe greenwood, owner and chief alchemist at alchemy skincare and waxing clinic

I'm Zoe your skin Specialist

I've been providing skincare and waxing treatments to clients in Salcombe, Kingsbridge and across the South Hams area for over 10 years. During that time, I have helped countless women to feel more confident their own skin and am capable of tackling the most complex of skin concerns. Book an initial consultation for your own Alchemy Experience
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Award-Winning Skincare South Hams, Devon.

Our clients are amazing...

Here are just a few testimonials we have received amongst hundreds of happy clients
  • Breakouts and uneven tone:
    I was pretty scared to have my before and after pictures shared because I’m not wearing any make up in them but I actually cannot believe the difference in my skin since I started my new routine. My skin is complicated, I am prone to breakouts, have very uneven tone and struggle with oiliness and dry patches but I haven’t seen it this even and this clear in a very long time. Very nice not to feel like a spotty teenager at my age! Maybe next it’s time to tackle those fine lines. Thankyou Zoe, you are some kind of miracle worker!
  • Eczema:
    “ Last year, my skin got really bad due to a number of different factors but mainly stress. It made me feel really underconfident but also hurt and was very uncomfortable. After not getting to the bottom of it through numerous doctors’ appointments I got in touch with Zoe and asked for her help.
    After a detailed and very thorough consultation, Zoe got me started on my skincare journey. Her knowledge on everything from diet to products and supplements is nothing short of amazing.
    A few months down the line, some lifestyle changes, daily supplements and a skin care routine my skin is now very nearly clear! It no longer hurts and I feel so much better."

    Thank you Zoe, you are the skin queen

  • Pigmentation:
    "I have suffered with pigmentation problems ever since the birth of my first child, it didn’t bother me too much at first but progressively got worse and I became so incredibly conscious of it, it covered so much of my face that it became very hard to conceal with make up and I wouldn’t leave the house without it. After following Zoe for some time on social media and seeing her share her own before and afters of the treatment of her pigmentation I finally got in touch. I started with a full consultation and a home care regime to start the process. Zoe was very black and white about the fact that I would need clinical treatment to correct the pigmentation and although apprehensive she answered every question I had and I decided to take the plunge. I had a number of carefully planned needling and chemical peel sessions and I honestly cannot believe the different in my skin. I still have a little remnant of pigment in some places but my skin is unrecognisable from what it was, I know I have the option to have further treatment to improve it even more so and this is something I will consider in winter but for now I am absolutely over the moon. Thankyou Zoe, you’ve honestly changed my life and I promise I will spend this summer in sunscreen and a hat!"

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Achemy skin care for all skin types

Focus on your most problematic skin with the latest revolutionary treatments from Alchemy. We combine the power of high-grade active ingredients with over a decade of experience to overcome the most challenging of derma conditions to provide you with happy skin.
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Alchemy Skin Care Clinic

Do you have complex skin concerns? hyperpigmentation, acne scarring, melasma, pigmented lesions or unwanted hair growth? I can help.
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Complex skin problems treated
10+ years locally based business
qualified technicians
Personalised skin advice
Short Distance From Salcombe
Clean and soothing environment
Visible Results From First Treatment 
Waxing services for men and women
Using only high quality products
Quality, integrity, professionalism.
Conveniently located in Kingsbridge
locals & Holiday makers welcome
Friendly welcoming atmosphere
Clinically trained and higly qualified
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